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Why Neplease Worker

Why Neplease Worker

Over the past one and half decade, employers from different countries have shown increasing interest in hiring Nepali workers and many of them have shifted I heir al lent ion concerning hiring of expertise workers from a number of their original labor supply countries to Nepal.

  • This favorable inclination of employers can be attributed to following reasons:
  • Nepali workers are recognized as hard working. loyal, disciplined and people with high sense of responsibility.
  • Nepali workers are peaceful and devoted to their duties.
  • Nepali workers swiftly adapt to all kinds of situations and climatic conditions.
  • Nepali workers are comparatively more cost effective.
  • The employers can pick suitable candidates from a large pool of qualified professionals, skilled, semiskilled, and unskilled workers who are available for immediate placement.
  • Procedures and formalities for recruiting Nepali workers for overseas employment are simple and easy.
  • Nepal is situated very close to the labor importing countries and linked to major cities of the world by air.
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